VacuEasylift is the original vacuum lifter that lifts, lower, rotate and tilt loads using vacuum. Makes lifting easy and safe in all possible working conditions for both the operator and the product, in manufacturing and mechanical processing, warehouses and distribution terminals. VacuEasylift is a manual vacuum lifter, which handles almost all types of loads. There are 10 models for lifting sacks and boxes, sheets, panels, crates, bales, drums and much more upto 270 kg.

The extremely smooth and quick operation is accomplished by using the same handle to lift, lower and release the load and by using the vacuum to hold and lift the load. Based on a unique concept, VacuEasylift has over the years been developed with the help of customers and VacuEasylift lifter users into a versatile and ergonomic system for simpler, safer and more effective lifting. You easily get return on your investment; a two-man job can often be carried out by one operator with VacuEasylift. This lifting system is simple to adjust to suit loads and requirements of most industries. With VacuEasylift you achieve a combination of efficiency, ergonomics and economy that can not be matched by any other lifting system.

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