Our Laboratory scale Freeze-dryers offer condenser capacities ranging from 1 litre up to 18 litre. The condenser is integrated in the cabinet. On the top of our models a wide
range of flexible options can be fitted:
• Stainless steel manifolds for flasks
• Clear acrylic chambers
• Stainless steel chambers for shelves and flasks
• Shelf systems (heated or not heated)

The units can be ordered with a standard – 55 ºC condenser or a two stage system down to – 85 ºC in case solvents are used with a low freezing point. All freeze dryers are standard including vacuum pump and oil mist trap. The vacuum pump is a direct driven oil sealed 2 stage rotary vacuum pump 200 l / minute. We have our compact bench top models which can easily be installed on top of a table and we have our robust floor models.

Overall specifications (Both FD and TFD freeze dryers)
• Stainless Steel condenser;
• Condenser protected against acids by teflon coating;
• Hot gas defrost possibility after a run;
• Very durable compressors from Danfoss;
• Option for manual or automatic run;
• User-friendly drain;
• User-friendly control panel with following specifications:
o Key switch on / off
o Condensor on / off
o Vacuum on / off
o Release vacuum
o Defrost on / off
o Manual / automatic selection
o Digital temperature display
o Digital vacuum display

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