• Recirculating Coolers (General Models)
  • Recirculating Coolers (Low Temp. Models)
  • Recirculating Coolers (Advanced Low Temp. Models)
  • Recirculating Coolers (High Temp. Models)
  • Recirculating Coolers (Compact Models)

Safety Features

  1. Self-protecting cut-off function and signal :
    • For over temp. the power supply is automatically cut from controller systematically before the unit shuts down.(except for HH Models)
    • Over current Circuit breaker for user safety.
  2. Low fluid level and dry-running protection :
    • Intermittent tone alert sounds and optical signals alarms display on the control panel.
  3. Double service valve provided to prevent refrigerant leakage.

Optimum Control Features

  1. Functional LCD (resolution 0.1℃) keypad type display (only for RC-05, HX Models)
    • – Clear and easy-to-use LCD display.
  2. Designed to simplify operation with a VFD touch screen type display. (only for HL / HS / HH Models)
    • – Self-diagnostic function identifies equipment errors.
    • – Recognizable and convenient keypad.
  3. Bright LED water level indicator.
  4. Pump pressure gauge. (except for RC-05)
  5. Run, compressing, pumping visual indicator.
  6. Eco-friendly R-404A or R507 refrigerant.
  7. Hot gas by-pass. (only HL Models)
  8. Integrated heaters with high temp. stability. (only for HH Models)

Constructional Features

  1. High quality #304 grade stainless inner chamber and dirt repellent powder coated external surface.
  2. Stainless steel submerged parts are resistant to corrosion against all usual bath fluids.
  3. Pump pressure can be controlled using a bypass function. (only for HX-H type)
  4. Removable gridded vent for reducing condenser contamination and to facil-itate cleanliness.
  5. Wheels allow for easy mobility. (except for RC-05)
  6. Computer Interface. (only for HS / HH Models)
  7. Warning alarm/monitoring system.
    • – Over temperature.
    •  Lack of bath solutions.
  8. Pressure gauge comes standard with recirculating units to provide fluid system diagnostics at a glance and for observing the pump pressure.

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