Ultimate Pressure up to <3 x 10^-3 mbar

The combination of a diaphragm pump with a rotary vane pump was developed to take advantage of the strong points of each type of pump. The chemical diaphragm pump can withstand corrosive gasses and remove the resulting condensate prior to its absorption in the double stage rotary vane pump oil by constantly distilling the oil during operation. The rotary vane pump provides a much lower ultimate vacuum and will have a long life with the pump oil being free of contaminates.

For the fine-vacuum range in special applications, e.g.

  • for aggressive gases and vapours
  • for evacuation of solvent recovery vapours
  • for pumping of vapours which are soluble in oil

Chemvac Combination Pump Systems are used for producing fine-vacuum. They are corrosion optimised combinations of a two stage rotary vane pump an a chemically resistant diaphragm pump.

The diaphragm pump maintains the oil stages at 8 mbar making it impossible for vapor to condense until they have passed out of the pilstage. The result is a pump with the vacuum capabilities of a rotary vane pump combined with the solvent and acid handling capabilities of a PTFE diaphragm pump.


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