About our Company

Air & Vacuum Technologies (Pty) Ltd is based in Midrand, Gauteng and are a leading provider of a wide range of equipment to all parts of South & Southern Africa, with our equipment being used in most industries.

Instrulab cc was founded by Mrs. Carolyn Burn in 1985 with the objective of marketing & servicing a full range of laboratory equipment throughout South & Southern Africa.

While Vacuum Technologies cc was founded by Mr. Brian Burn in 1988 to provide vacuum solutions using his vast technical experience in the vacuum field together with a comprehensive range of vacuum pumps and accessories. In 2000 Vacuum Technologies cc had a name change and was registered as a (Pty) Ltd.

In 2005, in an attempt to streamline the two companies Carey and Mark Burn, the children of Brian and Carolyn Burn, decided to merge the two companies. The merge was a success as specific emphasis was placed on providing better customer service.

Instrulab became a sales division of the now Air & Vacuum Technologies (Pty) Ltd Company. Since then another three sales divisions were started. The now 4 divisions cover the following products and brands.

Instrulab is responsible for:

  • Precisa precision balances & moisture balances – Sole agents.
  • Endecotts particle size analysis sieve shakers and precision sieves – Sole agents.
  • DryVac, ChemVac & ILmvac laboratory vacuum pumps – Sole agents.
  • Instrulab range of peristaltic pumps & syringe pumps – Sole agents.
  • LaboGene bench top & pilot size freeze dryers – Sole agents.
  • They are an appointed distributor for the complete Scientific Engineering range of general laboratory equipment.
  • They are an appointed distributor for the complete Labcon range of general laboratory equipment.
  • They are an appointed re-seller of the Brookfield range of viscometers.
  • Instrulab laboratory peristaltic pumps.

Instruvac is responsible for:

  • Elmo-Rietschle oil flooded & oil free rotary vane vacuum pumps, claw and screw type vacuum pumps, side channel blowers & liquid ring vacuum pumps and systems.
  • Pompetravaini liquid ring vacuum pumps and systems.
  • Instruair-LP range of side channel & Roots type blowers.
  • IndustroVac mobile industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • TAWI vacuum lifters.
  • Surplus Vacuum – 2nd hand and reconditioned vacuum pumps and related equipment.

Instrupump is responsible for:

  • Flotronic ONE-NUT-PUMPS from the U.K. – Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODDP)
  • Price Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODDP).
  • Instrulab industrial peristaltic pumps
  • Pompetravaini liquid pumps, hot oil pumps and LPG pumps.

Specialised high & ultra-high vacuum:

Air & Vacuum Technologies (Pty) Ltd are the sole agent for South and Southern Africa for Pfeiffer Vacuum, Adixen Vacuum (formally known as Alcatel), Trinos Vacuum, Anest Iwata and HSR.

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum offer single stage, oil flooded rotary vane vacuum pumps as well as double stage high vacuum pumps, diaphragm vacuum pumps, screw vacuum pumps, multi-stage Roots type vacuum pumps, Roots type mechanical booster vacuum pumps and are the inventor and leading manufacturer of turbopumps. Other equipment are high & ultra-high vacuum valves, vacuum measurement equipment and the ThermoStar & OmniStar mass spectrometers as well as the PrismaPlus range.
  • As Pfeiffer Vacuum bought out Adixen Vacuum, everything they have to offer will change its name over to Pfeiffer Vacuum. They currently offer the PASCAL range of double stage high vacuum pumps and a very comprehensive range of leak detection units for 4 He, ³He and H2 .
  • Trinos Vacuum do a comprehensive range of standard and custom made vacuum coupling components and vacuum chambers.
  • Anest Iwata has a range of oil free high vacuum scroll vacuum pumps on offer.
  • HSR are manufacturers of Cryogenic pumps from DN100 up to DN 1250, Sputter pumps, Xenon pumps, customized pumps and cryostats, controllers, diffusion pumps, baffles, valves, Titanium sublimator pumps, catalyzer traps and helium compressors.

Our Workshop:

Our workshop can work on almost any make of rotary vane and liquid ring vacuum pump, side channel and Roots type blower / booster offering on-site service contracts as well. Our laboratory equipment work shop can calibrate and repair most makes of balances and moisture analysers as well as the full range of Scientific Engineering and Labcon ranges of products.

In Conclusion:

We offer a range of quality products at market related prices, with sound technical advice, efficiency and friendliness forming the base of our sales and service support. We pride ourselves in our effort to take more care, offer better service, advice, support and guarantee. That is why we are at the forefront of customer service.